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Get Ready ToRock & Roll!

The Cactus Liquors are all geared up to play a multitude of venues in 2014 and look forward to meeting you at one of their shows!

About the Cactus Liquors

With musical roots in the Maryland-DC-Virginia corridor, the Cactus Liquors bring to you their brand of eclectic, Americana Rock & Roll. Known for their energetic and octane-driven performances, the Cactus Liquors never fail to liven up a crowd and motivate a night of cheer and celebration. Dedicated to creating a powerful sound that is sure to stir souls, the Cactus Liquors play like the audience is an appendage of their band.

Each member of the Cactus Liquors is a seasoned and trained musician contributing years of live performance experience. The result is a living organism that effectively interweaves classic hits with memorable originals. Both intuively rhythmic and melodic, the Cactus Liquors showcase a breadth of stylistic range, punctuated by a unique enthusiasm to play for thrilled audiences quenched on the local night life.

The Band

  • Colin Grand Pre (guitar & Vox)
    Colin Grand Pre is a foot-stompin' veteran that doesn't just play Rock & Roll -- he is Rock & Roll. His alarm clock is a Marshall stack and he wakes up in that hat.
  • Craig Spilsbury (lead guitar)
    Craig Spilbury is a fretboard wizard with an uncanny ear for melody and improvisation. He not only knows how to play in service of a song, but is no slouch at showboating when the mood is right.
  • Bret Beale (bass & Vox)
    Bret Beale is a dual-brained phenom who has along career of playing complicated bass movements in perfect time while simultaneously singing harmonies. His pocket playing provides a solid bottom.
  • Ronnie Smith (drums)
    Ronnie Smith is a living metronome, a lively heartbeat, and the driving force of the band's energy that keeps them spirited across a mixed bag of musical genres.
  • Shep Williams (keyboard)
    Shep Williams is studious and conscientious, enriching each song's composition with delicate but powerful chordal harmonies.